Meet The Ellertson's

Meet The Ellertson's

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Welcome Mya and Tina!

So the Ellertson's are doing it again! Yep... splitting the family up! One part St Louis other part Vancouver!  How we survive it???? God's amazing mercy and grace! Loads of Ichat and lots of calling and texting! Yeah yeah yeah! We caved and now our 9 year old has a cell phone! I feel better about it... she only is aloud 5 phone numbers all having to be family! This rule willl be set until she is about 30! HA! My Mom flew me here to St Louis and Mya and I are all settled! We have to wonderful roommates Eniola and Kendall! We are feeling pretty pumped for the exciting adverntures that lie ahead!! Brad and MacK are enjoying the rest of the school year( will make periodical trips to the LOU) and MacK will join Mya and I in June!! Please keep us in your prayers and GO ATHLETICA!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

9 Years Old!

Oh what a birthday week Miss MacKenzie had! Family gathering Sat! Birthday party with her friends on thursday at chuck e cheese! And a Chevy's dinner on her actually bday March 8th! She had a blast!! I will post pictures shortly! They grow up so fast! MacKenzie the absolute the best thing that has ever happend to us!! We love you sweetie!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Lunde's!

Yeah thats right Erinn Lunde is getting her very own Post cause she just is the coolest person in the world and she loves my kids!!

Oh I guess I should give Bj some love too! Mya is seriously obsessed with him! As I type Mya is looking and saying Beej beeej beeej! Its all cause of the Yo Gabba Gabba right Erinn!!!! 

He is Risen!


MacKenzie had a great basketball season this year!

Her team name Wildcats, Her jersey number 21, Her best play steal the ball down the court for a layin, Her favorite position point gaurd, Watching her play in her first season PRICELESS!

Oh and of course her number one fan is her sister Mya! Always there cheering her on! Auntie Cur and Grandma Eka were good cheer leaders too!!

Go MacK!

Mya the Swimming Machine!

Oh about a couple weeks ago Mya Joy and Marley June had their very first swim class! These pictures are the test run( long story will have to explain face to face) But the girls had 2 weeks of swimming 2 times a week! Marley was a born fish and it took Mya a couple classes to find her grove! Brad did a great job in the water with her and MacK was a great cheer leader! It was a very great time! Cant wait till next session!!

Go Mya!

Ellertson's Weekend in Seattle

Hey there everyone!! Yes we Ellertson's are alive! We just got home from a wonderful weekend in Seattle!

The big event was John's 30&1/2 Surprise Birthday party(Kim didn't get to through him a huge bash on his actual bday cause of the surprise arrival of Chace!) Kim did a great job and Andrea hosted the surprise at her house! All John's good friends and family showed up to surprise him and he sure was surprised! See Kim's page for more details. It was a very fun night!

The next morning we woke up and ate a yummy breakfast and got to hang some more with family and friends! I got to hold Chace a whole bunch this morning and got the bestest best pic of him! Take a look!

Thanks Kim and John for a great weekend!!!